mpt® develops technical training actions within the legal guidelines on accessibility and mobility for all, to ensure improvements in the projects and construction of more solidarity territories.


Given the objectives of these actions we focus on the following audiences:
| Technicians of Municipalities like architects, engineers, urban planners, geographers, supervisory staff, etc.
| Presidents of Boroughs
| Local Offices of Engineering and Architecture
| Operators of the sectors of Trade, Tourism and Transports
| Entities related to persons with reduced mobility

 These actions are aimed at raising awareness and promoting good practices from several agents of the territories, since they will be to contribute to the development of more supportive and friendly territories.


mpt® is now a training organization being certified by DGERT acting through professionals with certified competence.


The focus on conception, organization and development of training actions in their Business Areas and Transversal Areas, strengthens the position of mpt® as a dynamic agent of knowledge in areas such as urban planning, mobility management, geographic information systems and accessible tourism.