design & communication


Thinking about the total satisfaction of the real needs of its customers, mpt® bets on design and production of communication supports as a way of materialization of their performance.


Through the design of communication supports, diverse and assertive, which privilege the integration of contents and concepts of inclusion and accessibility, mpt® presents its work, communicate them and share them with all stakeholders in the process.


In a direct approach with the client, we develop personalized communication and information campaigns, from conception, design and production of products for public events such as:


| Logos and corporative image (envelopes, stationery, folders, personal cards, etc.)


| Folders, bags, calendars, bookmarks, pencils, pens, notepads, t-shirts, caps, etc.


| Invitation cards, posters, flyers, roll ups, flag banners, banners, billboards, radio spots and programs, reports and newspaper ads, online banners, corporate TV, press releases, press clippings, photo reports, etc.


| Design and layout of books, magazines, portfolios, brochures, etc. (at this level always incorporates Braille and Sign Language).