Urban Design, Architecture and Universal Design

The Urban Design, the Architecture and Universal Design integrate one of the structural axes of action of mpt®. Its completeness and the challenging intersection between design, functionality and aesthetics merge and are integrated by mpt®, performing their projects on the basis of the concepts of universal accessibility, looking at this investment as a guarantor of effective gains to the territory, whether social or cultural and even economic.

On the other hand, mpt® recognizes that the sites which we live in the community should be the ultimate expression of the balanced interface between the common needs. So, cities and towns should be places where people not only live, but where they want to live.

The interaction with the environment is one of the architectural purposes, conceived and designed in a universal way, integrating in its genesis and its practice the equality of rights for all, a clear manifestation of social inclusion.

So, the mpt® develops its architecture and design work with a focus on the perception of the Other, central value in these disciplines. This conception requires a construction free of elements that may interfere with the movement of people through the spaces.

The projects developed by mpt® focus, always, the principals and orientation lines of universal design – design for all – such as: the intuitive use, easily perceived, equitable and simple, suited to low physical efforts, flexible and able to tolerate the error.

This is our purpose in matter of Urban Design, Architecture and Universal Design.

We perform the following works:

| Urban requalifications
| Projects for public spaces
| Design of cycling networks
| Design of pedestrian accessible paths
| Projects for instalation of urban equipment
| Projects for outdoor terrace area