Accessibility and Mobility for All

The promotion of elimination of architecture and urban barriers is, nowadays, in Portugal, a legal commitment, framed in Decree-Law No. 163/2006, of 8 August. Paula Teles, our CEO, had a very important role in this subject, in Portugal, being invited, by the Portuguese Government to integrate the technical commission to develop the Decree- Law.

This legal concern has had a key contribution to the construction of cities and towns for all, achieved through the development of Accessibility Promotional Plans, in which the mpt® was market leader, providing a broad curriculum in their development and implementation.

This mpt® strategic axis has the highest relevance in its relation with the public sector but also with the private, due to the imperative in assessing in the accessibility conditions in public spaces, buildings, transport and services.

This tridimensional vision of mpt® - mobility, accessibility, universal design – is assumed as a determining factor in the approach to the topic, essential to the growing need to have more inclusive and competitive territories.

It is, also, in this area that mpt begin its internationalization process. Much of our transversal works have been the focus on change of cultural mentalities, building more inclusive cities.


Types of Work

  • Sectorial, Municipal and Local Plans of Accessibility and Mobility for All
  • Intermununicipal Plans of Accessibility and Mobility for All
  • Accessible Tourism Strategic Plans
  • Projects of verification of Accessibility Conditions in Plans, Projects and Works Executed
  • Projects of Accessibility for adaptation of buildings within in Urban Regeneration
  • Consultancy in the field of Decree-Law n.º 163/2006, from 8 August
  • Accessibility Certification