Urban Environmental Quality and Natural Landscape

Each urban agglomeration, form of metropolis, city, town or village, holds a set of characteristics that confer it a spatial unit, a particular landscape, own identity and an endogenous environment that should be strengthened and valued when we designing the territory.

The urban environment is a complex system composed by natural elements, such as water, air, soil, climate, flora and fauna and for built elements, namely the built environment or modified through human intervention (OECD, 2004). The built environment reflects the historical and cultural heritage of a city as well as its aesthetic that derives from a constantly evolving society.

Recently, there are other spaces and environments like: public spaces and spaces with natural potential, integrating a contemporary view, highlighting the history, nature and culture of local, promoting sustainable mobility of the territories, the soft modes, and transforming natural places in huge spaces of contemplation and feelings, always on a human scale, promoting the nature and sustainability of exosystem.

This change of mindset has referred to the appearance of more green spaces, bike lanes and pedestrian corridors and promotion of infrastructure the use of soft travel modes, meeting of European policies, in particular, the strategy set out in the program Portugal 2020.

In this context, mpt® has developed, with international recognition, several studies, plans and projects based on the landscape architecture designs and the soft mobility, that always plays a key role in the experience of these same places and its relationship with the local people.


Types of Work

  • Treatment of Public Spaces and Urban Voids
  • Afforestation and Shading;
  • Urban Vertical Gardens
  • Urban Furniture and Terraces
  • Water Elements
  • Public Lighting
  • Street Art
  • Informational signs in Special Environments: Nature and Heritage
  • Safety and wholesomeness in Public Space
  • Pedestrian and Ciclyng Mobility Systems in Urban and Natural Environments
  • Walkways