Urban Mobility, Traffic and Transports

The mpt® conceives strategies for the implementation of an integrated mobility model, aligning different scales of mobility and different modes of transport, specifically promoting the use of soft mobility and public transport, parking management, logistics and road safety.

In the domain of soft mobility, particularly in bike lanes networks have been developed several projects following a rigorous planning, embracing and multi-purpose, promoting cross-industry solutions for the benefit of actors involved in observation of the effects of the intervention in the hierarchy of circulation channels, especially respecting the comfort and safety of pedestrian mobility. The work in this area also guides up by the concerns around the comfort, security and usability gains, as well as energy efficiency, with clear social and environmental returns.

On the other hand, mpt® has developed and refined in recent years, the evaluation methodologies and (re) definition of public transport networks and is at present technically prepared to provide consultancy for municipalities, intermunicipal communities, metropolitan areas and other public and private organizations in the structure of their transport networks, giving prosecution to the requirements of the new Legal Regime of the Public Passenger Transport Services (Law No. 52/2015 of 9 June).

In this particular, we are able to build transport models through modeling software and transport planning that can be applied for assessing projects and transport policies, as well as for economic and accessibility evaluations of various modes, or the energy and environmental outputs.

These models are especially helpful for the assistance in the analysis and evaluation systems, characterized by certain conditions of supply and demand of the various modes (individual transport or public transport) in order to evaluate the impact in the search of one mode, to face the changing conditions of supply introduced in the different scales of transport system: Small-Scale – a cross; Medium-Scale – a neighbourhood or a city; Large-Scale – a region.

Types of Work

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Plans
  • Mobility and Transport Plans
  • Bike Lane Network Masterplans
  • Road Safety Municipal Plans
  • Implementation of Zone 30
  • Friendly Mobility Projects
  • Parking, Road Circulation and Traffic Projects
  • Horizontal and Vertical Signaling Projects
  • Elimination of Road Casualties Points
  • Definition  of Traffic Calming Systems
  • Preparation of Transit Postures